Beads are OUT, crushed mirror is IN

I’ve been looking for the perfect way to store my makeup brushes. I’ve played around with different containers, beads, etc. trying to find the right combination. Alas, the search is over. I found bags of crushed mirror at Michaels (available in a variety of colors). I chose the silver because it reminded me of glitter and it matched my glitter-topped vanity.



To recreate this you’ll need:

1 long glass container approximately 4 – 5″ tall (I got mine at Michaels for $14.99)

2 – 3 bags of crushed mirror (Michaels)

1 – 2 bags of clear large beads, to line the bottom (I got these at the Dollar Tree. This is optional, but I chose to do this to save on cost since the crushed mirror is a bit pricey in comparison)

Just layer and insert your brushes! I chose to separate my face brushes on the left and eye brushes on the right.

What do you think of this way to store makeup brushes? How do you store yours?



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